Bataille de reines


  • Sunday 26 March 2023
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“Bataille de Reines” is the history of Aosta Valley, a feast of the local people that attracts a large participation of the public, numerous fans and tourists.

The protagonists of the day are the “Reines” or the Queens, the cows that meet and challenge each other with horns.

The Valle d’Aosta breed cows, the red and the black spotted, are animals with a strong lively and warlike temperament, it is a habit for these animals to fight in fights within the herd in order to establish a hierarchy among the cows. This natural attitude of the cows, together with the passion of the breeders, gave rise to the Batailles de Reines, bloodless and instinctive battles for the cows whose purpose is to celebrate a “Queen” in a natural way.

  • Great popular festival
  • Twenty appointments throughout the year
  • Tradition dating back to around 1600
  • Appointment for young and old
  • Free entry

Starting from the month of March, the Batailles provide a calendar that proposes appointments also in summer and autumn up to the last great challenge that takes place every year at the Croix Noire Arena in Aosta and which gathers the best elected queens in the various events of the year.

Batailles de chevres, goats fights, is also part of Aosta Valley tradition together with Batailles de moudzons, junior category of cows.

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Association Régionale Amis des Batailles de Reines
Loc. Grand Chemin, 16

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