Red route


  • Friday 13 August 2021
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The town of Saint-Rhémy-en-Bosses will be the destination of an unforgettable trip into a world of flavours, whose fil rouge is precisely the colour red of the products being tasted.

Playing host is the Vallée d’Aoste Jambon de Bosses D.O.P. (one of the four D.O.P.s in Valle d’Aosta), a compact shaped raw ham that is a dark red colour with aromatic flavour, produced from the outset with the same unmistakable technique, brought back by rigorously respecting the tradition. The D.O.P. label certifies the origin and guarantees, via a series of continuous controls, the quality of all the production.

Along the streets in the hamlet of S. Leonard in Saint-Rhémy-en-Bosses, visitors are guided by the colour red to taste the food and wine specialities presented by the Associations of local producers: from the mocetta to the Vallée d’Aoste Lard d’Arnard D.O.P., from rhododendron honey with red grains to Valle d’Aosta reered beef, from boudin to saouseusse. It is the ancient traditions and craft workmanship used to create them that make these specialities unique, secrets handed down from one generation to another and jealously preserved by small local producers.

For lovers of fine wines, don’t miss a careful selection of quality wines produced from locally grown vines, presented by the Association of Viticulteurs Encaveurs. Red route is also an opportunity to discover ancient places and trades that have fallen into disuse, transforming the small town of Saint-Rhémy-en-Bosses into a museum of open air traditions for a day. Old granaries (that are usually inaccessible) are open for visits for the occasion and, with the restoration and re-activation of the old oven in S. Leonard, bread is being made on a continuous cycle with black bread being baked on the burning wood.


Comune di Saint-Rhemy-en-Bosses
Fraz. Saint Léonard, 10
  • Telephone:
    3408133443 - 3486128969 - 3335831007

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