Hotel Suisse e Dipendenza


Altitude: 1.630 m
Address: Via Roma, 26
Telephone: 0165.780901
Number of beds: 13
Number of rooms: 8
Opening periods: 28/12 - 30/04 ; 01/07 - 31/10

Hotel Suisse, a small and wonderful hotel-restaurant, is located in the medieval district; it was recently stylishly renovated, with each of the splendid rooms different from the other.
The choice of furnishings, part of which are original pieces from the ancient inn, create an atmosphere of a certain age.



Description Included Price
Single room with bathroom 50,00 €
55,00 €
Double room with bathroom 100,00 €
110,00 €
double room with bathroom for 1 person 65,00 €
70,00 €
Half Board with bathroom (price per person) 65,00 €
70,00 €
Supplement for board and/or half board rates in a double room for single use 15,00 €
15,00 €
Breakfast (price per person) Yes
Prices are valid from 01/12/2021 to 30/11/2022

How to get here by car

Take the Aosta Est motorway exit. Follow the signs for the Gran San Bernardo Tunnel (green panels) which quickly brings you the entrance of the tunnel that joins with State Road 27.
Drive to the end of the tunnel and follow the State Road 27 of the Gran San Bernardo; pass the municipalities of Gignod, Etroubles and Saint-Oyen until you reach Saint-Rhémy-en Bosses. Just outside the tunnel, turn right at the fork for the Gran San Bernado hills. After about a kilometre, at the bend, take the small road to the left which enters the medieval district of Saint-Rhémy. The hotel is located shortly afterwards.

Geographical co-ordinates:   Est:   7.183979   Nord:   45.83508

How to get here by public transport

The nearest railway station is in Aosta. The car station is located in front of the railway station.
Bus service to the Gran San Bernardo hills (from June to September approximately, based on hillside openings) twice a day.
The hotel is near the main stop.


Tourist Areas
Tourist Areas

Mont Blanc

Gran Paradiso

Great Saint Bernard

Aosta and surroundings


Monte Rosa

Central Valley


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