Pianta Grossa Winery

For 396 years, a horse chestnut tree had been growing in a courtyard, becoming more and more imposing, so much so that the farmhouse all around it became commonly known as Pianta Grossa (Big Plant). In 2009, due to an illness, the 25-meter big plant was cut down. So that the strength of the tree would continue to permeate that place, Luciano, in 2014, decided to also call his newborn winery ‘Pianta Grossa’; his winery is housed in the old farmhouse.
Behind the winery is the moraine mountain with the family vineyards, growing on the steep pergola terraces where the Nebbiolo Picotendro grows.
The wine business is set in the wake of a family tradition that has been alive for three generations. The cultivation of grapevines takes place over an area of about 2 hectares with Valdostan pergola cultivation. The vineyards are located on steeply sloping terraces in the municipalities of Donnas and Pont-Saint-Martin (about 400/500 meters above sea level). The soil of glacial origin is sandy and rich in organic matter. The sand gives the wine finesse and aroma while the organic substance ensures an adequate moisture content in the soil, the necessary nutrients and a balanced biological life: necessary conditions for obtaining healthy and well-ripened grapes. The organic substance is obtained on site from the mowing of the grass that grows under the pergolas and which, left on the ground as mulch, protects it from the cold winter and from the degrading action of the summer sunlight. Thanks to the management of the soil via natural methods, our company has never had to use herbicides or irrigation. The phytosanitary treatments are carried out according to the European guidelines of the PMI (Pest Management Integrated), while for the containment of some insects (moths), the fight for sexual confusion has been successfully adopted, in the most rigorous respect of the environment.

The products
Red DOC (Controlled Designation of Origin) wines: 396 aesculus hippocastanum Valle d’Aosta DOC Nebbiolo, Dessus Valle d’Aosta DOC Nebbiolo, GEORGOS - γεωργός Valle d’Aosta DOC Donnas.

There is a sales point open from 8 am to 8 pm from Monday to Sunday upon phone reservation (call +39 348 0077404).

The visit
Visits to the winery and vineyard tours with tastings are organized upon reservation.
Cost for the tasting: depending on the package, the tasting costs range between € 10 and € 15.

Languages spoken: Italian, French and English.

How to get there
From the Pont-Saint-Martin motorway exit go in the direction of Aosta. The winery is located on the main road on the right at the beginning of the village of Donnas.


Via Roma, 213
11020 DONNAS (AO)

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