Edoardo Braga Winery

The Edoardo Braga wine-growers company was founded in 2014.
The current business area of about 2.5 hectares is characterized by a high degree of parcelling up; in fact, it spreads over 18 lots with an average area of 1.000 m². All this, together with the slopes, makes mechanization difficult, that is why more than 80% of the operations are done manually.
The vineyards are located in the municipalities of Quart, Jovencan, Aymavilles, Saint-Christophe and Nus between 500 and 700 m above sea level, high altitudes, but which, thanks to a good exposure and a very suitable climate, are able to produce grapes of high quality. Great attention is paid to autochthonous vines such as the Petit Rouge, Vien de Nus, Cornalin and Fumin.

The products
White DOP (Protected Designation of Origin) wines: Valle d’Aosta DOC (Controlled Designation of Origin) Chambave Muscat
Red DOP wines: Valle d’Aosta DOC Torrette, Valle d’Aosta DOC Torrette Supérieur, Valle d’Aosta DOC Pinot Nero, Valle d’Aosta DOC Fumin, Vda DOC Cornalin, Vda DOC Gamay
Other products: Vin Rouge Incipit, Vin Blanc Incipit

There is not a store that is always open, but it is possible to purchase products after phoning the winery.

The visit
It is possible to visit the winery and the vineyards with the possibility of wine tastings.
The company can be visited all year round by making a reservation by phone (Braga Edoardo) or by email.
Number of visitors required to make a visit: max 10.
Languages spoken: Italian, French and English.

How to get there
The company is located in the municipality of Jovençan in the Etral 1/3 hamlet.


Frazione Etral, 1/3

Tourist Areas
Tourist Areas

Mont Blanc

Gran Paradiso

Great Saint Bernard

Aosta and surroundings


Monte Rosa

Central Valley

Aosta - Piazza Chanoux

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