Les Granges s.s. Winery

Our company takes its name from the village of the same name located on the hill of Nus, at the adrèt, the sunny side of Valle d’ Aosta. It is run by the family; Liana and Gualtiero started this adventure, and their children Edoardo and Beatrice joined them over time.
The company’s land extends for 3 hectares and makes it possible to produce 14.000 bottles of different varieties of fine wines.
Its location directly exposed to the sun, in fact, allows it to obtain a production of high-quality grapes, with an inebriating aroma and high sugar content. The hill of Nus is traditionally suited to viticulture; the temperature range favors the production of aromas and natural acidity in the wine, in addition to the strong exposure that favors aging. During the Middle Ages, the local producers supplied wine grapes to the canons of the Great Saint Bernard, as attested by the documents of the time.
The beginning of the activity took place in 1991 with the cultivation of old family vineyards, exploited mostly as a passion and so as not to let the crops planted with difficulty by their ancestors fall into neglect. Only later, with the expansion of the cultivated area, did the business turn professional, focusing in particular on the recovery and enhancement of the ancient local vines.
Initially the grapes were given to a cooperative; since 2005, with the creation of a modern and well-equipped winery, the production of wine has been carried out directly on the company premises. The vines grown are Vien de Nus, Cornalin, Pinot nero and grigio, Fumin, Mayolet, Vullermin, Ner d’Ala and Petit Rouge, varieties that have been present in the area for centuries and deserve to be again, and adequately, enhanced. Nus Malvoisie, Nus Malvoisie Flétri, Nus, Cornalin, Fumin and Pinot Noir are produced with these grapes.
The processing in the winery is reduced to a minimum, the fermentationis spontaneous and derives from the local yeasts of the grapes; apart from a minimum dose of sulfur, there are no other additives, and no filtrations or clarifications are carried out.

The products
White DOP (Protected Designation of Origin) wines: Nus Malvoisie DOC
Red DOP wines: Cornalin DOC (Controlled Designation of Origin), Fumin DOC, Nus DOC, Pinot Noir DOC
DOP straw wine: Nus Malvoisie Flétri DOC

There is a sales point open all year round at any time, upon reservation.

The visit
The company can be visited upon appointment, to be arranged by telephone. The best times to visit are winter, early spring and summer. The winery and the vineyards can be visited. The number of visitors is agreed upon at the time of booking.
Tastings are possible, as well as dinners, by reservation. The costs are established at the time of booking.

Languages spoken: Italian, French and a bit of English

How to get there
From the Nus state highway, turn towards the Nus hill at the Rovarey village, from there, there are signs for Les Granges.


Loc. Les Granges, 8
11020 NUS (AO)

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