Vintage s.s. Agricola Winery

The company is certified organic and works in an environmentally sustainable way, using neither chemicals in the vineyard nor enological additives in the winery except for the use of sulphites which are used only in some cases and in very low doses.

The products
The company does not produce DOC (Controlled Denomination of Origin) (DOP (Protected Designation of Origin) wines; it produces red, rosé and white and macerated white (orange) table wines.

Direct sale at the winery upon reservation.

The visit
The winery and the vineyards can be visited, with the possibility of wine tastings.
Costs for the visit and tastings per person:
the costs vary according to the type of visit, the advance notice helps to accommodate in the best possible way.
The company can be visited all year round, upon reservation.
Minimum and maximum number of visitors: min 1, max 10; larger groups must notify at least 15 days in advance.

Languages spoken: Italian, French and English.

How to get there
From Quart state highway 26, head towards Saint-Christophe, go up a few hairpin bends from the centre.


Località Pallein, 13
  • Telephone:
    (+39) 0165 84681

Tourist Areas
Tourist Areas

Mont Blanc

Gran Paradiso

Great Saint Bernard

Aosta and surroundings


Monte Rosa

Central Valley

Aosta - Piazza Chanoux

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Aosta - Arco d'Augusto

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Fenis - Castello

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Nus - St. Barthélemy

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