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The thermal spring, discovered by the abbot Jean-Baptiste Perret in 1770, was called Fons Salutis (the spring of health) for its distinctive curative properties.
The redevelopment work on the thermal spa facilities began in 2007, as part of which the original spa treatment centre was to be complemented by a modern wellness centre, with large windows looking out onto the enchanting landscape.

Hydrotherapy and Inhalation TherapyTemporarily suspended
As a result of its bicarbonate-sulphate-alkaline-bromoidioc-carbonic chemical composition, the water has proved effective in the treatment of the airways and the gastroenteric system.
As far as the gastric system is concerned, the water of Saint-Vincent carries out a balancing, regulating function, normalising secretion dysfunctions; for this purpose, the water is drunk on an empty stomach (hydrotherapy treatment), with the quantity and the method established by the thermal spa doctor.
Inhalation crenotherapy, suitable for both adults and children, is effective in the treatment of chronic inflammatory disorders of the mucosae of the upper and lower airways. The inhalation treatment is administered through latest-generation monobloc equipment used for steam jet inhalation, aerosol therapy using thermal spa water, medical aerosol therapy, micronized showers.
The medical examination is compulsory.
Seasonal opening: from end Spring until end Automn.

In the lower areas of the new premises, the Social SPA has been created.
Here, guests will find three indoor pools and two outdoor pools, each with different hydromassage and water jet systems, besides a large solarium with 3 hydromassage tubs, 2 Eco-wood sauna and a relax area, open all year round according the weather condition.

  • Evya: the largest, circular in shape and illuminated with natural zenith light. The water is at a temperature of 34° C degrees. This pool is equipped with lumbar hydromassage, a vascular therapy system and cervical jets.
  • Egeria: relaxing comfortably in the 32° C water, guests can look through the large windows and admire the mountain landscape. The pool is equipped with a hydromassage system for the body and for swimming against the current.
  • Tyla: the reaction tub, with the water at a temperature of 25° C.
  • Verny: the outdoor pool, which can be reached directly from indoors. The water temperature is 36° C and the pool is equipped to massage both the body and the soles of the feet, as well as for swimming and walking countecourrent, and has cervical jets. The natural terrace acts as a relaxation area and solarium, in direct contact with the greenery and the trees in the park.
  • Lysa: the second outdoor pool, with a temperature of 36° C.

The offer is completed by:

  • The Finnish sauna: has a temperature of 80° C and a humidity level of 20%, causing quick, deep sweating. It is considered an effective way to relax and get rid of excess liquids
  • the soft sauna: with a temperature of 50° C and a humidity level of 40%, is suitable for those unable to stand high temperatures but who nevertheless wish to try out the classic sauna experience
  • the Mediterranean sauna: has a temperature of 45° C and a humidity level of 65%, and causes slow, deep sweating. The humidity softens the skin, helping to flush metabolic waste out of the body
  • the steam bath, or hammam which has a temperature of 45°C and a humidity level of 98%, the body is enveloped in a cloud of steam, mixed with essences of essential oils that facilitate breathing and cleanse the skin
  • the emotional showers: by falling vertically as in the shower, the combination of hot and cold water at different temperatures and pressures creates a reaction on the body, which, together with specific essences and different colours, enhances the multi-sensory experience. The emotional showers are excellent for toning the skin tissue, keeping the skin perfectly moisturised and restoring proper vascular tone
  • The ice cascade: as a reaction to hot water or steam baths, ice is used for the purpose of self-massage, both localised and rubbed all over the body. It has a toning effect, immediately closing the pores of the skin, as well as stimulating blood circulation and strengthening the immune system.
  • three Jacuzzi, the Eco-Wood sauna and the relax area on the panoramic terrace.

  • Massotherapy is carried out in the wellness centre by a staff of qualified professionals, guaranteeing an excellent level of treatment.

At disposal 2 oasis to rebalance the metabolism: relaxation is an essential feature both during and after water treatment courses .

A “tisaneria” with infusions and drinks completes the offer.

Open all year.

Private SPA
As an alternative to the SPA, guests may opt for the customised programmes of the exclusive Private Spa. The hallmark features of this area are elegance, comfort and first-class treatments, with guests guaranteed total privacy.


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