Chambave Muscat DOC

Muscatel grapes in a full-bodied, appreciated and versatile wine

Muscatel white grapes, used to produce Vallée d’Aoste Chambave Muscat DOC wine, reach correct maturity in vineyards located on the hills of Chambave, Pontey, Verrayes, Saint-Denis, Châtillon and Saint-Vincent. A bright, light yellow wine is produced with golden hues. It is a full-bodied wine that is dry and offers an alcoholic content that is just right and a delicately bitter aftertaste. It is ideal to drink between meals, particularly as an aperitif, even if it combines well with shellfish and medium matured cheese. It is also used to prepare Zabaione.

Chambave Muscat is  widely appreciated in its flétri version, produced using the best white Muscatel grapes left to air in an area away from the sun. Wine is only produced when the precious grapes lose most of their water, emphasising their wealth of sugar and aromas. 

Muscat Fletri is a wine for meditation, with an intense aroma and hints of honey and jam, which adapts well to any occasion at the end of a meal: it combines well with pastries and biscuits.


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