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  • viernes 21 junio 2024
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After the success at the 2024 Sanremo Festival, where he was a guest on the third evening, Russell Crowe is preparing to leave, together with his band The Gentlemen Barbers, on a tour that will touch some of the most evocative locations in Italy. 15 appointments are planned, in places of great beauty, from the Aosta Valley to Sicily.

There will be no shortage of unique moments on the tour, such as in Breuil-Cervina where the concert scheduled for 7.30 pm will be preceded by an evocative preview, to say the least.

The first part of the show will take place, in fact, at 2 pm on the Panoramic Terrace of the Piccolo Cervino, at an altitude of 3880 metres.

Russell Crowe & The Gentleman Barbers will play some songs outdoors and without an audience for what will become the highest singing performance in history.

In Rome, on the occasion of the return of the "Gladiator" to the Colosseum, the presence of Jimmy Carr, one of the most famous English stand-up comedians, is expected. Brilliant and irresistible, Carr will perform at the opening of the show. “I have always had an attraction towards Italy - said Russell Crowe in the presentation of the tour in Sanremo - it is something that I have always felt throughout my life. As an adult, returning to Italy, I realized how strong this bond was. It is fascinating to think that this country has made a huge contribution to the world, in terms of culture and from a social point of view. I grew up in a house where we listened to a lot of music, it was a very important creative outlet.

Music has always been central to me: in high school my goal was to make music. At 16 I gave concerts in small theaters, at 17 I recorded my first album. I've been making films for 35 years, but music has been around long before that."

Russell Crowe will be accompanied on stage by The Gentleman Barbers. Relationships within the band date back 30 years. David Kelly (drums) and Stewart Kirwan (trumpet) were members of Thirty Odd Foot of Grunts, as well as playing with Crowe in The Ordinary Fear of God, which included Stuart Hunter (piano) and Chris Kamzelas (guitar). James Haselwood (bass) fit perfectly into the band which also features the splendid voices of Stacey Fletcher, Susie Ahern and Britney Theriot. Lorraine O'Reilly will also be on this tour: with Crowe for a duet on the Bible Code Sundays album "Walk like Kings", they became friends and have performed together since 2017. "We revisit numerous successes in the history of music - concludes Crowe - bringing iconic songs back to life, through new arrangements, to give the public a truly extraordinary experience".


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