The big bench of the Pilaz Hill

La Magdeleine

We suggest you to check if the complete path, has open, has been prepared and the avalanche risk&

Descripción del recorrido

Difficulty: E – Excursion route without technical difficulty
Periodo consigliato: from 1/12 to 30/03
Difference in height: +150 m
Time one-way: 40/60 minutes
Time back: 30/50 minutes

Near the first hairpin bend after the church in La Magdeleine, in the village of Vieu, turn to the left, follow the road signs to Chamois and continue until the road is interrupted.
Here you follow the snowy path for about 20/30 minutes easy walk. Then, near a bend you will follow the path uphill on the path n° 1A for around 20 minutes. It i salso possible to continue the walk on the road until the road going down to the Pilaz Hill.

The path climbs slowly, you walk near the Valéry alp and you will slowly reach the Pilaz Hill where the big red bench is situated: from here you will admire the Monte Cervino.

You can return on the path or on the road, in this case a ring excursion.

An excursion suitable to the whole family. If you want to make a longer excursion, from the Pilaz Hill you can follow to the Champlong lakes or go down to Chamois.

The ski touring lovers can follow the road to reach the hill.

Normally the track is always beaten, in case of snow we suggest you to use the snowshoes and in some cases the crampons.

Community Project Big Bench
For passport and stamp ask to:

  • Hôtel restaurant “Tantané”
  • Food store near hôtel “Tantané”
  • Beekeeping company “Lo Dzet” (village of Clou or in some periods on the path connecting La Magdeleine to Chamois)
  • Lo Scoiattolo Apartment Hotel


Ufficio turistico Chamois
Fraz. Corgnolaz
11020 CHAMOIS (AO)

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Áreas turísticas

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Oferta turística
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