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La Mothe Castle
  • суббота 14 Октябрь 2023
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As part of the Note dal Cammino Balteo, the Castle of Saint-Marcel hosts Mezz'ora di SFOM:

concerts for viola, violin, cello and percussion by SFOM (Scuola Formazione Musicale)

1.30pm: MEZZ’ORA DI SFOM #1

  • Marina Martianova (violin)
  • Sergio Pugnalin (Arabic oud, Greek laoúto, Turkish baglama saz, vocals)

2.30pm: MEZZ’ORA DI SFOM #2

  • Fulvia Corazza viola
  • Luca Favaro live electronics

3.30pm: MEZZ’ORA DI SFOM #3

  • Stefano Blanc cello
  • Marco Giovinazzo percussion

Guided tours of the Castle of Saint-Marcel from 3pm with reservations required on Eventbrite, limited places.

Possibility to purchase the snack platter at a cost of €10
To reserve the cutting board, contact the number 340.0778592


For further information Aosta Tourist Office (0165.236627)

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