The village owes its name to the Lords of Avise, one of the oldest and most important noble families of the Aosta Valley and its strategic importance is testified by its three castles and the medieval bridge. Avise rises at 762 metres in a dominant position on the left orographic side of the Dora river and its surroundings are worked in vineyards, where is born the famous wine Petit Rouge. Among the rests of the Roman era, we find the section of the Road of the Gauls called Pierre Taillée (cut stone) because the Romans carved the rock to open a passage towards the valleys of the Mont Blanc.

● The Avise Castle, a three-storey building with a square tower.
● The Blonay Castle, first residence of the powerful local family.
● The stronghold of Cré, located on the edge of a promontory, now partially destroyed.
● The Maison de Mosse in Runaz, built in medieval period and now used as an exhibition venue.
● The parish church of Saint Brice, rebuilt in the last century, conserves the Romane bell tower of 1400.

Starting from the picnic area Lo Crou, along the road to Cerellaz, an easy walk of about half an hour allows you to reach the waterfall of Frenay, from where you will be able to have a wonderful view of the Mont Blanc, or the nearby hamlet where you can see the traces of the Aosta Valley rural tradition (oven, mill, dairy).
Another area suitable for pleasant walks or mountain biking is the green Vertosan valley, from where you can admire the magnificent glacier of Château Blanc and find a no kill fishing reserve.
For the adventurous ones, Avise also offers the opportunity to enjoy descents along the Dora Baltea river with rafting and other river sports.

The 'Fiocca' Festival: The first edition dates back to 1972 and today the festival takes place every year at the end of June in Baulin hamlet, at the etrance of Valgrisenche. Traditionally, the fiocca (that is the whipped cream) is whipped by hand using willow whip inside a cold cavern.

In Avise there is one playground in Condemine hamlet, near the sports area.

Inhabitants: 300
Altitude: 762 m
How to get there by public transport: Avise can be reached from Aosta by bus with the line “Aosta-Courmayeur”. The timetables are available on the website of the company Arriva (timetables 'Alta Valle').


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