Buisson - Chamois cablecar

Antey-Saint-André, Chamois

The Buisson - Chamois cableway connects the thalweg with the Pearl of the Alps in the Matterhorn valley.

A climb of about 800 meters in altitude to get to this little paradise where cars are banned; there is no traffic here, there are no cars or mopeds, no noise, no smog, only clean air, a clear sky, woods and a wonderful atmosphere of nature, a mountain landscape that is still unspoiled and intact.

The cableway is open all year round, except for short maintenance periods.

Scheduled rides:
From 7am to 10.30pm, there is a ride every half hour and at the quarter of an hour with at least 15 people present.

During the high season and for special events there are extraordinary rides during the day.

Pets are welcome by cable car!

Just follow some simple travel rules:

  • dogs, cats, birds, small rodents, small barnyard animals can be transported
  • medium and large dogs must be guided with muzzle and leash
  • small dogs can be carried with muzzle and leash or in a carrier

Are excluded from these obligations:

  • trained dogs supplied to the Armed Forces, Police, Civil Protection and Fire Department
  • trained accompanying dogs, such as guide dogs, for blind or visually impaired people, which are allowed in the car, free of charge, even without a muzzle.

The muzzle is on sale at € 5.00 at the ticket office.

For information on parking please consult the following link: https:///chamoisservizi.it/index.php/it/parcheggio

Населенный пункт

Funivia Buisson - Chamois
Fraz. Buisson

Веб камера
Веб камера
Breuil Cervinia

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