Vaud rock climbing wall


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    c 01/05 no 30/09
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    Vaud - Ollomont
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    35 m.


Aosta Est highway exit. Follow the directions for Gran San Bernardo (SS 27). After Variney, turn right and cross Valpelline. Turn right and pass Ollomont, parking in Vaud.

The wall is ideal for climbing initiation, especially in the summer with the low valley walls are too hot. The climb is generally on a single pitch with good holds.

Типичные блюда

Wall ascent: On foot, cross the bridge over the stream and follow the path on the right.

The Ollomont wall was bolted by local guides. In recent years, the town funded new bolting and the routes now have resin pitons and ideal distances for newcomers. belay stations are included. A 50 meter cord is sufficient to descent all routes except for the two-length route. A new indoor climbing gym called Maison Grimpe is available in the event of bad weather.
The activity requires technical experience. Alpine guide assistance is recommended.

Descent: Stops have quickdraw chains. Climbers are either belayed down on a 50m cord or abseil on longer routes.

Minimum, maximum and average route difficulty from 5b to 7c, average 6a.

Total number of routes: 19

Average length is 30 meters with a minimum of 18 and maximum of 110 meters.


Туристическое предложение
Туристическое предложение
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Веб камера

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