Becca d'Aran


  • Уровень трудности:
    EE - Expert Excursionists
  • Лучший период:
    c 01/07 no 30/09
  • Пункт отправления:
    Barmaz (2034 m)
  • Пункт пребытия::
    Becca d'Aran (2953 m)
  • Расписания:
    945 m
  • длина:
    3.992 m
  • Durata Andata:
  • Segnavia:
  • Tracciati GPS:
    GPX , KML

Типичные блюда

After reaching Barmaz, in the municipality of Valtournenche, leave the car in the car park and continue along the dirt road until you reach Château (a small cross has been erected here, in memory of the Abbé Aimé Gorret. Tradition has it that Abbé Gorret and Edward Whymper, famous early mountain climbers, used to stop to rest in Valtournenche. Then take trail no. 26 which rises slightly and leads out onto a beautiful green basin (2300m).
After the basin, the trail gets steeper, goes over a rocky leap and enters a small channel next to the stream, finally leading onto a large grassy basin called Pâturage de l’Aran (2660m).
Continue along the trail until you reach a crossroad. Leave route 29 on the right for Mount Roisetta and continue along the left branch, no. 26, which goes up the side to Becca d’Aran.


Туристическое предложение
Туристическое предложение
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