Lake Servaz


  • Уровень трудности:
    E - Randonnée
  • Лучший период:
    Январь - Март
  • Пункт отправления:
    Veulla - Champdepraz (1300 m)
  • Пункт пребытия::
    Lac de Servaz (1806 m)
  • Расписания:
    506 mt.
  • Durata Andata:
  • Durata Ritorno:


Verrès highway exit. Turn left and drive 1,8 km to the fork for Champdepraz: turn left and cross the Dora Baltea. Cross the town of Champdepraz and climb the Chalamy valley. You’ll reach Veulla after about 11 km: you can leave your car here.

Nestled in a basin bordered by conifers and erratic rocks, Lake Servaz is one of the easiest points to reach while the most satisfying in the Mont Avic Regional Park.

Типичные блюда

Take the snow-covered path that quickly climbs towards the Veulla church. The path flattens out near the church and, following the wooden fence, continues towards the rugged profile of Mont Avic. After crossing the wooden bridge, climb the road to reach Crest: path 7 that leads to Praz Orsie starts here. Ignore this path and continue straight along the road bordered by the signs installed by the Park institute to provide information on the details of the ecosystem in the protected area. Slowly enter the woods populated by confers and the particular uncinate pine: the absolute predominance of this specie is rare in the Alps. After crossing another wooden bridge, the path becomes steeper until you reach the site called Magazzino: the small field includes an information panel with a map of the Park routes. Turn to your left following the directions for Servaz and Coucy on path 5C. After a short flat segment, the path turns downwards and only starts to climb after crossing the wooden bridge over the Chalamy stream. After another wooden bridge that crosses a crystal clear mountain stream, continue under a rock ledge to the base of the pasture. The road turns a few times before reaching Servaz desot.
Pass under the rural mountain buildings to the signpost that points to the right heading for the lake. The path immediately climbs the snow-covered slope: the gradient significantly changes. The route continues along rather varied ground with some quite steep segments. At about 1700 m, the path slightly flattens crossing a small group of rocks to then climb the last push. The end is near and the path starts to flatten to reach lake Servaz in just a couple of minutes (1806 m).


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Туристическое предложение
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