Transfer service on demand dedicated to trekking lovers operating from 1st June to 15th September 2024.

The service is guaranteed with a minimum of 3 passengers.

Departure from 6 am to 9.30 am
Return in the late afternoon from 4.00 pm to 6.30 pm

The transfer service must be booked not later than the day before the departure, by directly going to the local Consortium office or calling +39 0166 940986 every day at the following times: 8:30am to 12:30pm / 2:30pm to 4:30pm

Transport is also provided for luggage only (min. 3 luggages).


Transfer from one valley to another
€35 for adults;
€17 for children aged 4-14; free for children under 4
€35 luggage only (min. 3 luggages)

Transfer within the same valley
€15 for adults;
€10 for children aged 4-14; free for children aged 0-3 years
€15 luggage only (min. 3 luggages)

Points of departure/arrival:


  1. Church square in Breuil-Cervina: from here you can climb the Colle Superiore delle Cime Bianche, starting from path 107 of the Gran Balconata which leads to Cheneil, Chamois and La Magdeleine.
  2. Perrères: Matterhorn Tour leaves from here and you can take path 107 with leads to Cignana to then continue on to Torgnon.
  3. Swimming pool service area in Valtourneche: from here you can access Alta Via no.1, you can head to Chamois along path no. 34 or descend to Buisson.

Ayas Valley:

  1. Saint-Jacques (Ayas) from here you can take Alta Via no. 1 towards Gressoney or Cervinia; path no. 6 which leads to Colle delle Cime Bianche from where you can climb to Cervinia; the Monte Rosa tour leads to Staffal (Gressoney-La-Trinité) through Colle Rothorn.
  2. Barmasc (Ayas) climb Col Portola on path 105 towards La Magdeleine. However, by crossing Colle Pillonet you can reach Chamois. By following Ru Courtord you can cross the whole valley until you reach Saint-Jacques.
  3. Estoul (Brusson) cross Col Ranzola by following path no. 3 towards Gressoney Saint-Jean. Path 105, passing by the Arp refuge, leads to Colle Valfredda and all the way to Gressoney Saint-Jean. The same path leads to Champoluc passing through Colle Palasinaz.
  4. Tollegnaz (Challand St Anselme) cross the Chasten Valley and reach the pass of the same name (Colle Chasten) and continue on towards the Cravetto bivouac; you can go along the Great Walser Path in the San Grato Valley and descend to Issime.
  5. Ollion/Fontaney (Challand-Saint-Victor) climb the Col Dondeuil pass through the valley of the same name and descend down the Great Walser Path to Issime through the San Grato Valley.

Gressoney Valley:

  1. Loc. Staffal (Gressoney La Trinité) path 9 until you reach Passo Bettolina Superiore, descend down path 8 towards Piani di Verra and then arrive in Sain-Jacques. (access to Monte Rosa Tour)
  2. Gressoney-La-Trinité parking in the village center: path 10a towards Alpenzù Piccolo – Colle Pinter - descend along path 11a towards Cuneaz-Champoluc.
  3. Gressoney-Saint-Jean parking in the village center: path 5 towards Passo Valnera, descend along path 5, 5c, 5f towards Arp refuge – Estoul
  4. Weissmatten (Gressoney-Saint-Jean) path 3a and 3b towards Colle Ranzola – descend along path 7 towards Estoul
  5. Gaby - loc. Niel: path 6 a-b-c towards Colle Mologna and Colle Lazoney
  6. Issime (in front of the church). access to Great Walser path - Colle Dondeuil
  7. Issime - loc. Rolliè - path 1 a-b-c towards the San Grato Valley.

Central Valley:

  1. Saint-Vincent (bus station service area on Via Roma)
  2. Châtillon (bus station service area)
  3. Verrès (bus station service area)
  4. Pont-Saint-Martin (bus station service area on IV Novembre)