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High-mountain guides are often seen as exercising one of the most fascinating of professions, which requires a high level of technical and professional skills, together with tenacity and a generous measure of enthusiasm.
The alpine guides of Valle d'Aosta boast a tradition that stretches back a long way; many of them have written chapters in the history of mountaineering at its best, and continue to guarantee both thrills and safety to those who practise a wide range of mountain sports.

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Cogne alpine guides association

 -  Коннь

The Gran Paradiso park and mountain, the first of Italy’s “four thousanders”, have long since been popular with visitors and mountaineers, but it is only in the last few years that enthusiasts fro…

Courmayeur Alpine guides association

 -  Курмайор

The Courmayeur Alpine guides association, free Alpine guides association, was founded in 1850 as a non-operant company and the second guides association to be founded in the world.

At th…

"Sirdar Montagne et Aventure" association

 -  Ла Салль

More information here
Main areas of operation: Mont Blanc, Mont Rose, Grand Paradis, Matterhorn areas
Spoken languages: Italian, French, English

Rutor La Thuile Alpine guides association

 -  Ла Туиль

The “Rutor-La Thuile” Alpine guides association offers:

During the winter season:
heliski, off-piste skiing areas with ski-lift, Vallée Blanche, high-mountain skiing on the main Aosta Valley…


Società delle guide alpine Ayas

 -  Шамполюк/Айас/Антаньо

Da Antagnod , capoluogo dell’alta valle che gode di una delle più belle e solari posizioni dell’intera Valle d’Aosta, lo sguardo spazia sulla lunga carrellata di monti scintillanti dominati dagl…

As wild as you a.s.d

 -  Шамполюк/Айас/Антаньо