I book 2 nights, the tunnel is free!

In the Aosta Valley, the notion of exotic proximity, so exotic and yet reassuring, is fully incarnated. With an enchanting gastronomy, typical and charming landscapes and architecture, a multitude of experiences between modernity and history, sport and culture... the smallest region of Italy fills all those who discover it. Its secret charm is also due to its French soul whose bilingualism is an illustration of it!

To allow as many people as possible to enjoy its pleasures, the Valle d'Aosta offers, for any reservations of at least 2 nights via the reservation center, the passage to and from the Grand-Saint-Bernard tunnel . If a pretext was needed to go to the Aosta Valley, it is now done!

Offer valid until 31st December 2024, subject to availability.

For more information:
Phone +39 0165 33352  - booking@turismo.vda.it

After making your reservation, send a request for free passes to the Tunnel du Grand-Saint-Bernard accompanied by the booking confirmation at the following addresses: d.lettry@regione.vda.it and o.naudin@regione.vda.it at least 5 days before your visit to the tunnel.


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Áreas turísticas

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