Wildlife Photographer of the Year


Fort of Bard
  • 05 February 2022 - 05 June 2022
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The Fortress of Bard will be the first Italian venue for the 57th Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition, the world’s most prestigious nature photography contest, run by London’s Natural History Museum. The 100 stunning images on display were selected by an *international panel of eminent experts and wildlife photographers from over 50,000 shots submitted by photographers from all over the world.
The different images immotralize animals and nature, not only in thei beauty and diversity, but also in their fragility and underline the importance of defending and safeguarding the planet.

French underwater photographer and biologist Laurent Ballesta was announced as this year’s Wildlife Photographer of the Year for his enigmatic image, Creation, that captures camouflage groupers exiting their milky cloud of eggs and sperm in Fakarava, French Polynesia. Every year, for five years, Laurent and his team returned to this lagoon, diving day and night so as not to miss the annual spawning that only takes place around the full moon in July. After dark, they were joined by hundreds of grey reef sharks, hunting the groupers in packs. Overfishing threatens this vulnerable species, but here the fish are protected within a special biosphere reserve.

Ten-year old Vidyun R Hebbar was awarded the Young Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2021 for his colourful image, Dome home, who took a spectacular photo of a spider in a gap in a wall. Vidyun first featured in the competition when he was just eight years old and loves to photograph the often-overlooked creatures that live in the streets and parks near his home in the city of Bengaluru, India.

  • an internationally renowned exhibition with high quality images
  • ideal for photography enthusiasts but also for those who love nature and animals
  • interesting exhibition for children and teenagers
  • take advantage of the exhibition to visit the other exhibition spaces and the museums of the Forte di Bard


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