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Balloon flights - Walk through the clouds at the height of great mountains

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Flying in a balloon is a completely unique sensation, often compared, by those who have done it, to dreams of hanging in the clouds which we have all visualised in our imagination at least once. The sight is incomparable not just for those who have the fortune to fly, but also those on the ground who see the sky covered with coloured balloons.

For decades Valle d'Aosta has played host to the fans of this sport; an International Meeting is organised each year in February. It is a wonderful sight where balloons from all over the world with their bright "crescent" decorations light up and carve out small coloured spots on intangible canvases of sky, drawing pleasant Miro-like diversions on ... unique materials.

This sport requires special pilot experience, guaranteed by a specific licence which makes the flight safer. The flights are always different, the direction and speed are left up to the whims of the wind, they leave from Aosta, but where they land  is never the same. The balloons are designed, built and tested according to very high reliability standards and the flights are always made in excellent weather conditions, during daytime hours when the air is most stable.

For passengers a balloon flight through the highest mountains in Europe is certainly a thrilling adventure and unforgettable experience. Until recently this original way of floating in the clouds was an adventure for the chosen few, but now, with the increasing demand, it is becoming more and more widespread and is truly a luxury anyone can afford.

During the flight, the feeling of rising in the embrace of silence releases all of the power of imagination, in an almost therapeutic landscape, towards new points of observation, the ground transforms and the glance captures it in unusual synthesis, to then lift to contemplate the great mountains which surround the region from a privileged position.

The views gently follow the path of the winds, providing uninterrupted sequences of subjects for photography fans; the silence is only interrupted for short "counterpoints" of hot air, small additions of heat into the balloon air...almost like the fluttering of artificial wings...a breath of the balloon, which lives in the blue and lets us live with it for a brief moment...and reigns until landing, which with an aerostat cooling procedure, closes the magical interlude of this experience, bringing us back down to earth!!

Among the various tours available leaving Aosta, with a guide who talks about the capital's special spots, views and historical background, and the flight in the sight of the spectacular Mont Blanc chain, with high altitude toast and photographic service upon request, to celebrate the blend of visual glories and aromatic bouquets of three wines, proposed with the logo “ quatremillemètres vins d’altitude ”, from three local winemakers.

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