Rafting, canoeing, kayaking

Adventures and emotions around the splendid water scenery in Aosta Valley

From April to September, the foamy, mountain streams become a hive of spectacular sporting activities: canoeing, kayaking and rafting offer water enthusiasts emotional experiences, among fast flowing water and natural slides.

Rafting is a discipline that consists of descending a river on various sized rubber dinghies. Expert guides are available to teach new-comers or accompany enthusiasts with programs of various difficulty and duration; there are also courses specially designed for children.

Hydrospeed, a discipline similar to canyoning, uses a sort of open board, used on river and stream waters.

The kayak, which is almost always made from polyethylene, a material that is highly resistant to knocks, is used by sitting in the opening and closing the space between the person and the opening using splash guards, to avoid water getting in. River kayaks, with a rounded keel, are suitable for rapid and precise movements in short spaces and are easy to turn.

The Canadian canoe is a solid, stable, raft suitable for the transport of multiple people. The most immediate distinguishing feature of the kayak is the use of a paddle with one oar. This provokes a powerful, asymmetric thrust and because of this, and in most cases, the Canadian is used by two or more oarsmen, who must have good coordination. The Canadian canoe is slower than the kayak, because it is more stable, but offers greater comfort; since it is generally open it is less suitable for waves and difficult, fast moving water.

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Rafting Aventure

Rafting / canoeing  -  Arnad

Rafting and kayak at the foot of Bard Fortress.

The rafting descent can be done from everybody: adults, children and families.

  • kayak with guided descents on the river from 12 yeras ols…


Rafting / canoeing  -  Avise

Rafting Republic

Rafting / canoeing  -  Aymavilles

Rafting, family rafting ( minimum 6 years old, and 110 cm of height), hydro speed, kayak.
For information call the center or visit the website.

*Associated with the italian federation o…

Rafting Extreme Valle d'Aosta

Rafting / canoeing  -  La Salle

The Extreme Valle d’Aosta rafting station* is located in Derby (La Salle) halfway between Aosta and Courmayeur, in the structure of the Ex-casermette surrounded by a large green area with…

Rafting.it Morgex

Rafting / canoeing  -  Morgex

The company is headquartered in Morgex at the municipal sports centre and has been operating in the Aosta Valley since 1986.
It is managed by Emanuele Bernasconi, canoe instructor of FIC…

Rafting Totem Adventure

Rafting / canoeing  -  Pré-Saint-Didier

Rafting in total safety with soft routes for families, descents for beginners and large rapids for the most advanced, with departures near the Mont Blanc.
Other activities: tandem paragliding o…

Rafting Aventure

Rafting / canoeing  -  Villeneuve

Rafting Villeneuve was born in 1987 in Villeneuve and it’s the first italian company of rafting.
At the Rafting Adventure Centre Villeneuve you can practice rafting, hydrospeed, kayak and canoe....

Rafting Center 4810

Rafting / canoeing  -  Villeneuve

The 4810 Rafting Center has a new location. Between May and October you can learn the river activities and more. Rafting, hydro speed, kayak and canoa. There are great activities for the mor…


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