Becca d'Oren


  • Difficulties:
    F - Easy
  • Best period:
    July - September
  • Esposizione:
  • Departure:
    Place Moulin (1950 m)
  • Arrival:
    Becca d’Oren (3533 m)
  • Difference in level:
    880 m + 705 m
  • Ascent:

How to get there

Aosta Est highway exit. Follow the directions for the Gran San Bernardo tunnel and then turn right towards Valpelline. After the town, continue through the valley through Oyace and Bionaz to the Place Moulin dam where the road ends.

Becca d’Oren rises on the part of the ridge on the Italian/Swiss border between Sengla and Evêque. This area is mainly ice-covered and provides incomparably beautiful views. The normal route to the top traces the path on the wide Arolla glacier slope that is only steep near the end. This is thus a classic climb, easy, in typical mountain settings.

Description of the route

Day one
From the Place Moulin dam lot, follow the narrow dirt road around the artificial lake until you see the sign, on you left, for the path to the Col Collon hut. You’ll soon find another dirt road that ends near the Arpeyssaou mountain pasture. At the end of a diagonal, enter Comba d’Oren where the d’Oren and La Garda mountain pastures rise. The sediment ground starts at the end of the pastures. Cross it on the right hugging the left shore of the stream. Following the yellow signs, turn right along the narrow path that climbs over the rocks to the plateau above. You’ll see the Col Collon and Nacamuli huts from the edge which are at the end of a short ramp.

Day two
From the huts, follow the sediment valley to Col Collon (3114 m). From the pass, descent north-west to the Mont Collon glacier and cross it heading West.
The gradient progressively increases and - careful of crevasses - leads under the end skid that you can climb to your left towards the ridge that leads to the top.

Descent down the upward itinerary.

This itinerary requires experience of high mountains and it is recommended that you get a mountain guide to accompany you.


Tourist Areas
Tourist Areas

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Gran Paradiso

Great Saint Bernard

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Monte Rosa

Central Valley

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Tourist offer

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