Echevennoz - Gignod


  • Difficulties:
    T - Tourist
  • Best period:
    April - November
  • Departure:
    Echevennoz (1250 m)
  • Arrival:
    La Colière, Gignod (1255 m)
  • Difference in level:
    32 m
  • length:
    5300 m
  • Ascent:
  • Trail sign:
    103 - 1
  • GPS tracks:
    GPX , KML

It is one of the most interesting stretches of the Via Francigena, always surrounded by greenery and along the course of the ru Neuf.

Description of the route

Arriving from Aosta, before a viaduct and the Chez-Les-Blancs sign, turn left for Echevennoz and park your car.
Go back on foot about 200 meters in the direction of village Chez-Les-Blancs-Dessus until you reach a stable where the indications of the Via Francigena are visible, yellow arrows or signs 103. This section also coincides with the path 1 which reaches Plan d ‘Avie in Aosta.
Upstream of the stable, turn left and follow the path entering the* wood* which, except for rare stretches, will accompany us along the whole route. The path is flat with rare ups and downs, pay attention at the intersections with the farm roads and always follow the 103 signs. Along the way you can find benches to rest. Shortly before arriving at the end of the route, crossing the Buthier stream, you arrive at the “Je te salue” cave with the famous Madonnina.
Another ten minutes and a large sign with information on the Via Francigena marks the final crossroads of our route. From this point, if you do not want to retrace the same stretch, going down to the left, continue on route 103 and you will arrive at Gignod Capoluogo where, eventually, you can take a bus for the return.
If you want to shorten the route by twenty minutes it is also possible to start from the village La Clusaz, from the large square to the left of the homonymous restaurant and going up about 200 meters of the dirt road that starts from the parking lot you reach Via Francigena. From this point, with direction Gignod, the route is about 3.7 km.


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