Mountain Huts

A welcome to profound relations with the mountains

The first mountain huts were created at the end of the nineteenth century: the evolution of mountaineering required useful logistical solutions to encourage access and stays in the high altitudes offered by these buildings which have always provided a welcome, warmth and food and also provide assistance, information and, when necessary, first aid services.

The refuges are differentiated per location and type: some were created for expert mountaineers and trekkers, while others are suitable for families and those new to the mountains. The most accessible structures, for excursionists, can be reached by walking along the paths, mule tracks or winding roads, with an average completion of an hour and a half. 

The mountain huts normally offer multiple beds (from 2 to 6); a sleeping bag is not always necessary, especially in the excursionist shelters: with half board lodging the managers provide blankets, duvets and disposable sheets, even if you would prefer washable, cotton sheets.  The  keepers are all certified professionals, have an in-depth knowledge of the surrounding mountains and can help you in the best way possible.

The most trained hikers can also take advantage of the bivouac-huts, unguarded and equipped summarily.

Hiking and trekking in the Aosta Valley

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