Punta Valletta


  • Difficulties:
    BS - Buoni sciatori
  • Best period:
    from 01/02 to 30/04
  • Esposizione:
  • Departure:
    Cerisey (1400 m)
  • Arrival:
    Punta Valletta (2801 m)
  • Difference in level:
    1401 m
  • Ascent:

How to get there

Aosta Est highway exit. Follow the directions for the Gran San Bernardo tunnel. In Saint-Oyen, turn left for Cerisey.

The initial thick and steep woods are followed by the upper part across a beautiful valley. The final segment becomes steep again.

Description of the route

From Cerisey, follow the stream until you start to climb South-West towards the Citrin Inferiore pastures. Cross the valley (at times invaded by avalanches) and climb in the steep woods trying to follow the summer trail. At the Citrin di Mezzo pasture, cross the unmarked valley heading for the hill. Just before the first rise, turn right and enter a beautiful valley that leads to a gap in the North-East ridge. Climb as far as possible on skis and then continue on foot.
Descent down the upward itinerary.
In safe snow conditions you can also directly descend the steep southern slope.


Tourist Areas
Tourist Areas

Mont Blanc

Gran Paradiso

Great Saint Bernard

Aosta and surroundings


Monte Rosa

Central Valley

Tourist offer
Tourist offer

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