Pippin and Golden Delicious apples

The smell and taste of the Alpine microclimate within a juicy fruit.

Apples are the most cultivated fruit in Valle d'Aosta and their production is over 5,000 tons annually. It is also the fruit which preserves its original freshness in every season, because it ages very slowly and has the capacity to maintain its healthful properties intact almost to the end.

In our Alpine region, due to the altitude and to the dry windy summer, the apple reaches an excellent level of maturity, without running a great risk of disease. The low rate of rainfall also contributes to a good final result. It is therefore a healthful fruit which does not undergo all the pesticide treatments needed in other areas.

Rather large orchards are found in the areas of Saint-Pierre, Sarre and Villeneuve, where varieties such as the Pippin Apple are cultivated, a symbol of the fruit-growing tradition of Val d|"Aosta, with very delicate fragrant flesh and rough rusty-yellow skin. The Pippin apple is particularly suitable to be used in making pies, fritters and other culinary specialties.

Or the Golden delicious, with its juicy, sweet, crunchy flesh and yellow-pinkish skin, a highly aromatic apple, indeed meriting the name of |"pearl|" of the table. The Golden delicious is highly affected by the microclimate and its best characteristics are brought out in a mountain environment.


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