Pleasant spot lying in the middle of the Matterhorn valley, Antey-Saint-André is the perfect compromise among various factors. First of all, its position, just a couple of kilometres away both from the central valley and from the other towns of the area, makes Antey an ideal crossroads to explore various destinations both for skiing and hiking. In addition, it is the perfect spot to start from to visit cultural attractions, as the wonderful Valdôtain castles (in Châtillon, only 9 km away from Antey, there are three of them), or to organise worldly experiences in Saint-Vincent. It lies at about 1,100 metres above the sea level, so it is the perfect location for seniors, families with babies and everybody looking for a peaceful but funny spot: Antey satisfies anybody. And finally, the view over the Matterhorn and its massive dimensions is driven between the faces of the valley. Everything here is charming: that is probably why the adventurous travellers of the XIX century were already enchanted by all this.

Rû du pain perdu: the majestic arches of the irrigation canal leaning against the mountains dating back to the XVI century are still visible. This facility brought the water of the Marmore stream to the fields of the middle valley.
Saint Andrew parish church: this religious building still presents the remains of a tower of the castle belonging to the Cly barons, who controlled Antey until the XIII century.

Antey has a sport centre with tennis courts, football pitches, bowls fields and an artificial climbing wall. In the area there are also two equipped itineraries in the woods, one of which is accessible to people with disabilities. Finally, the town is the arrival point for paragliding. The Lod lake is worth a mention: it is very close to the town of Antey and there there is also a small playground.

Traditional Aosta Valley Crafts Fair: the splendid view over the Matterhorn is the perfect setting for more than 200 works of art realised by the students of all the Aosta Valley schools of wood sculpture.
Mele Vallée: this is a food exhibition-market taking place in autumn which celebrates apples.

Antey offers various entertaining and learning activities for children, always according to their preferences. For example, in summer there is the adventure park ‘La Borna dou Djouas’ or a sport centre with an open-air swimming-pool, a solarium, a playground and a skatepark. Close to it there is the Sunny Ranch manège, the perfect spot for kids to practice horse riding.
The best spot for kids to discover marsh plants and animals is Coin nature. It is an area with didactic panels to discover and protect a natural and vulnerable microcosmos through interactive lessons of environmental education.
Another learning possibility is the Ethnographic museum ‘Un tempo, la veillà nella stalla’, which hosts the reconstruction of an ancient lifestyle with an exhibition of ancient agricultural facilities.

Inhabitants: 600
Altitude: 1100 m
How to get there by public transports: after having reached Châtillon by train or by bus, take the bus to Valtournenche or Torgnon and get down at one of the stops in Antey-Saint-André. Timetables are available on the website of the Arriva company (timetables "Bassa Valle").

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