S.S. (State highway) Noussan Winery

The small Noussan winery was founded in 2004, but already in 1999 when Franco took over the vineyards of his wife Gabriella’s family, he began the recovery of the old vineyards by planting petit rouge, mayolet, fumin and pinot gris.
Initially, the production was aimed at family consumption, then in 2003 the decision was made to rent other vineyards, so as to have an area of 5.500 meters, and to found a regulated company for the production and marketing of wine.
Processing in the vineyard is totally manual and is carried out with great passion and respect for nature; for some years no type of herbicide has been used, the shoots and the grass are chopped on the site to favor the decomposition thus forming a rich soil of humus; fertilizations are carried out only with manure, and only the pesticide products allowed by the EU regulations for agri-environmental measures are used.
The current surface area is 2.4 hectares of vineyards divided up among five municipalities, Saint Christophe, Quart, Saint Pierre, Sarre and Aosta; about 10.000 bottles are produced.

The products
Red DOP (Protected Designation of Origin) wines: Torrette, Torrette Supérieur vigne La Prieure, Pinot Noir, Fumin
Other wines
White wines: Pinot Gris (Blanc du Tzanté), Petite Arvine (Toules)
Red wines: Saint’Ours (blend), Cuvée de la Còte

The visit
The company can be visited all year round, upon reservation, for a maximum of 10 people. The winery and the vineyards can be visited. It is possible to have tastings.
Tasting five wines € 10.00 per person.

Languages spoken: Italian and French

How to get there
Type on Google maps: Società agricola Noussan.


Località Maillod ,41

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