Enfer Arvier DOC

A natural “inferno” created by the sun to create a very interesting wine

Vallée d’Aoste Enfer Arvier DOC is a strong, red wine with an intense and full-bodied flavour which, on aging, turns a garnet red colour; it has a dry, velvety flavour with a slightly bitter aftertaste. Enfer , produced using 85% Petit Rouge grapes and the rest made up of Vien de Nus, Neyret, Dolcetto, Pinot Nero and Gamay, is ideal with red meat, roast  and game, typical soups and Valdostane cheese.

Its production area is in the Arvier territory and its original vineyards were cultivated in a natural amphitheatre characterised by strong sunshine, from which the name “inferno" derives. This "very interesting" mountain red achieves an alcohol content that ranges from 11.5° to 12.5° and was one of the first Valdostane wines to obtain DOC status.

To taste it at its best we recommend opening the bottle a few hours before drinking and serve at a temperature of 20°-22°.


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