Nus Malvoisie DOC

A dry white wine that is adaptable and capable of becoming a fruity nectar

Vallée d’Aoste Nus Malvoisie DOC is a dry white wine with a pleasant, harmonious taste and a delicate and lingering aroma which, thanks to its adaptability, can accompany both starters and first courses or white meat. The Pinot Gris vines, in the local Malvoisie selection, produce this golden yellow wine with copper tones and extend between the municipalities of Nus, Verrayes, Quart, Saint-Christophe and Aosta.

From the best grape bunches, passing through aired locations with little light you obtain Nus Malvoisie Flétri, an bold essence that completes its preparation with slow fermentation and aging in small, wooden barrels. This is how a real pearl of Valdostane oenology is obtained, nectar scented with hints of dried fruit and jam, an excellent wine over a “chat” or to sip with tempting biscuits.

The traditional version of Nus Malvoisie alone is an important wine (11°-13°), with its Flétri version achieving an alcohol content of 15°-16°.


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Tourist Areas

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