Nus Rouge DOC

Since ancient times, the elegance and vigour of dry, fruity red wine

Legend has it that Puntius Pilot appreciated this bold and pleasantly dry wine, produced from a local vine: Vien de Nus. Today, the production of Vallée d’Aoste Nus Rouge DOC takes place under a strict discipline that includes the use of Vien de Nus (50%), Petit Rouge (30%) and other authorised vines (20% max).

The result is a dry wine, with warm hints of alcohol and elegant, velvety notes, ideal if served with meat, Motsetta beef, Fontina cheese and brown bread. Nus, Verrayes, Fénis, Quart and Saint-Christophe produce this ruby red wine with a delicately intense and pleasantly fruity aroma with a vegetable aftertaste.

This product offers a good alcohol content (around 12°) and whose best features exalt when left to sit for a few hours before drinking, serving at a temperature of 18° or above.


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Tourist Areas

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